Scarf For Men - How To Work It Out

August 5, 2013 - Have you ever thought how to make your outfit extraordinary? Well, for us men, we're comfortable with a shirt on top and a simple jeans in the bottom. But what if, a simple scarf will be added to your outfit?

Well, I have a black scarf that goes well with any outfit that I want to wear. If you want to go out in your house with just a shirt and pants, why not add a scarf? Scarf can do wonders with your simple outfit. Let me show you why..

Scarf in a plain outfit
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Scarfs can come into different sizes and styles. Scarfs can be worn with the same color of shirt or contrast with the shirt color. Perhaps, you can wear a black or blue scarf with a white t-shirt. How to wear a scarf for men? Like the picture above, you can wear it that way or this one below:

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It's one of the simplest way to wear a scarf and it's the one that I can recommend. There are other ways to wear a scarf below. Here are the pictures:

Image from:
This is the easiest way to wear your scarf. Just wear this one like you're wearing a small towel at the back of your neck and you're good to go.

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You can also wear your scarf like a neck tie. This is the one that I really want to learn and I'm thinking of searching this one right now in the internet. :D

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This is a different kind of scarf and it's called a loop scarf. Basically, what you have to is to wear this one around your neck. I found this kind of scarf at SM Department Store and I'm planning to buy one in a right time. :D

Well, this is it folks! Scarfs are best worn during cold days or when you're in a cold place like offices and hotels. But in my case, if my outfit is just too ordinary, I wear my scarf during the day just to make myself look good. Don't be afraid to wear a scarf! Show them you can be fashionable with a simple outfit and a scarf around your neck. Don't be shy, do it! :D

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Color Blocking Wednesday

August 3, 2013 - Every Wednesday, Pre-School students of Brokenshire College decided to have a theme and for this Wednesday, we had a "Color Blocking Wednesday." Now, what is color blocking?

"Color Blocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades."

Here are some of the Pre-School students who participated in our Color Blocking Wednesday:

With the whole gang!

Next Wednesday, we're planning to have a "Black & White" Wednesday and we're excited to do it since my wardrobe has black and white outfit. Watch out for next week's theme! 

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Abreeza Mall Presents: Style Origin

Style Origin: Inspiring Imagination
Style Origin in Abreeza started last year with the participating stores in Abreeza who showcased their latest designs. I was initially invited through e-mail but just found out several months later. :(

This year, Abreeza Mall once again presented Style Origin and this time, 40 stores participated in this one of a kind event that features their latest collection that soon be available in their respective stores. Unlike last year which featured mostly models from Manila and a handful from Davao, this year's Style Origin features all Davao models that had been chosen to be part of the event for the first time.

Marc Nelson as host
The event is hosted by Marc Nelson whom, he's seen in television show like Sports Unlimited and he was a contestant in The Amazing Race Asia Season 1.

Here is a slideshow that presents the latest collection by different merchants in Abreeza Mall. Enjoy!

Sunstyle: Summer Skin & Fashion Fest @ SM Lanang Premier

April 20, 2013 - To be invited to watch a fashion show is a great thing as you'll witness some of the collections that the designer's made. It's why when I was invited to watch the Sunstyle Summer Skin and Fashion Fest at SM Lanang Premier, I replied immediately to attend the show. From there, I was able to witness their Summer Collection with the collaboration of Vaseline and Zee Lifestyle.

Sunstyle Summer Skin and Fashion Fest is a fashion show that features the Summer Collection from Forever 21. From the girl's collection, to the men's collection and for kids. Here are some of the pictures of the event.

Hosted by Ms. Nadia Shami
For this summer collection, Forever 21 shows some of the outfits that are perfect for this summer. Light and comfortable clothes are in for this season but you've got to have some style even though the weather is scorching hot! For this reason, Forever 21 had a great solution.

Ms. Kaye Paras
In this summer fashion show, Forever 21 had a collaboration with Vaseline. Vaseline Lotion tends to have properties that can make your skin protected from the intense heat of the sun. Don't ever go out without applying the lotion, wear your best summer look and enjoy your day!

To start off, here is the first set of summer collections of Forever 21. Enjoy the pictures and pick the best summer outfit!

Girl's Collection

Men's Collection

Kids' Collection

After seeing the first set of summer collections, we had a break for few minutes and had a raffle courtesy of Vaseline. After the raffle, we were treated with their second set of summer collections. Here are the pictures of their collection. Enjoy! :D

Girls' Collection

Men's Collection

Kids' Collection

If the girl's collection is not enough, here are some outfits that might look good for you! Here are the pictures of the 3rd set of summer collection.


There you have it! I hope you've enjoyed the summer collection brought to you by Forever 21. Thanks to Ms. Marissa for inviting us, Forever 21 and Vaseline for making this event possible. If you've decided on an outfit that suits you best, head over to Forever 21 and pick the best summer outfit! Don't miss them out or you'll run out of time.